Histacom 2.0 - What to expect

1. No more Windows!

For 2.0, we will be taking a ‘Game Dev Tycoon’-style approach to brands. This is to prevent any legal issues that could arise from using assets from other brands. This also gives us the ability to change more things and add more storyline into the game.

2. Cross-platform

Simply because we will not be using the .NET Framework for our rewrite means, we no longer have to be dependant on Windows, which is fantastic not only for our players, but our developers included. We hope to provide executables (and support) for as many operating system as we can (Windows, OSX, Linux, etc).

3. Great documentation

Currently, I am working on our documentation, and I plan for Histacom 2.0, to have great documentation in as many different languages as we can. The documentation will range from essentials to play to how to contribute to the game.

4. Language support

Not only will we try to make our documentation in multiple languages, we will try to make the game support multiple languages. This will encourage more players, and create a larger and more diverse community.

Forum post

Histacom 1.8.5

This is the last version of Histacom to be developed solely by Philip.

Currently this release only supports Windows, hopefully this will be rectified.


  • Windows
  • OS X - Currently unavailable
  • Linux - Currently unavailable